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Some years ago, VPN was only considered a necessity for business and security conscious hackers. Only recently is the technology become quite the mainstream public grasped. Not only are they much more affordable than they used to be, but they are also a lot cheaper, typically best VPN for windows costs between $5 and $15 a month VPN.


The VPN has numerous benefits for the most casual internet user. There are some reasons why you need a VPN; we will summarize here the main points quickly. The VPN can help prevent identity-theft, spying digital malicious attacks based on IP, and will keep your personal information and data security even when using unprotected wireless networks. Most people do not realize how vulnerable their data is when sharing wi-fi with strangers.

Factors to consider when choosing a VPN

VPN services are trying to differentiate themselves with all kinds of bells and whistles, but when it comes down to it, the end user really needs just a few things: security, speed, features and accessibility. You will be amazed at how these can vary widely among VPN providers and there are always trade-offs when you try to keep costs down. Before choosing a VPN provider, it is essentially to decide which of these two priority features because it will make the search much easier. In this post, we will see each segment of the VPN service individually and we would like to point out that VPN providers stand out in any particular area.


Price: Quality vs affordability of VPN vendors

Let me find out the way first. If you still do not know, there are a number of free VPN providers. They cover the cost of providing a VPN service in a variety of ways, including forced advertising is up-selling for their high quality products, or flat out selling personal information. We do not recommend any use of these services. We’ve tried several, and they always limit the options and speed of connection, and the ads are extremely annoying. In addition, many of the free VPN browse only encrypted. When personal safety is concerned, it never pays to take shortcuts. VPNs are so cheap nowadays; there is no reason to settle for an ineffective free version.


There are several extremely affordable VPN out there still offer excellent service. Obviously, when you offer your customers the lowest price, you need to cut some features. Some are extra VPN alternatives features at higher prices. These are essential to the operation or security of the VPN, are aimed primarily or experienced users. Examples of premium features would be: the ability to provide communication for specific applications through the VPN, rather than all programs. In general, you will not have the access to VPN server in 40 different countries with premium versions, but some people will only take 5-10 (but most people do not need more than 1 or 2).

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